What is Eczema and What Are The Causes?

Understanding the Skin Disease Eczema

Eczema is a skin disease that falls under Chronic Inflammatory Condition which means that the sever oozing and cracking of dry skin is inflamed and it can give you the discomfort every single day if you don’t take care of your skin very well.

There is a mild Eczema which is an Eczema that is dried out skin and gives you a little bit of itchiness but it tolerable by putting treatments during small flare-ups.

There is also a sever Eczema which is an Eczema that oozes rashes behind earsand it has big cracks that gives painful feeling to you when you move that part of the body/skin.

Eczema flare-ups are commonly found in the flexors of the body which is the biceps and triceps but these are also found at the back of the arm and legs which gives discomfort throughout the day.

What are the Causes of Eczema?

The cause of Eczema is unknown; talking with honesty, the researchers can’t find the real truth why people have eczema; Genetics is the main suspect here that’s why Eczema is hereditary.

But what they know is the causes of flare-ups which are the environmental factors around you that can give you itchiness, pollution, dust and many more triggers for eczema flare-ups.

Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema is the loss of the built-up barrier in the skin which loses the water and oil from inside and in return, the skin cracks for the cause of scarcity of water in it.

The role of Eczema management is to bring back the barrier lost in the skin and strengthen it very well to make sure that our skin will be that stronger.

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Flare Ups

These flare ups of Eczema are caused by many factors around us. Soaps, fabrics and detergents are one of the factors triggering the skin to flare-up and start giving us painful cracks and irritation. Also, excessive sweating and pollution contribute to the triggering of the skin so we should better watch it out.

Also, excessive sweating and pollution contribute to the triggering of the skin so we should better watch it out.

Treating Inflammation

There are home remedies out there that can help us calm down the Eczema on our skin but we should also take time to consult our doctors because they also have the ointments and treatments that can us a healthier skin.

1. Topical Corticosteroids (e.g. hydrocortisone and betamethasone valerate)

These treatments give the user some recued inflammation on the skin especially on the part where Eczema occurs.

This kind of Eczema treatment is safe for all ages out there so you children can use this (with your help of course) throughout the day without worrying the side effects it can give.

Apply this cream after a bath to add extra punch and add moisture to skin.

2. Topical Immunomodulators (e.g. Elidel Protopic)

This cream/ointment manages the itchiness that the Eczema you are having gives. It soothes the painful cracks and make your skin relaxer than ever.

In this mode, you can relax your skin even for just a time of the day after applying the cream/ointment onto

In this mode, you can relax your skin even for just a time of the day after applying the cream/ointment onto the eczema.

There is a side effect for this one and that is a mild burning sensation so it’s not applicable for children to use this.

Upon using Antibioticsthis, make sure that your skin is clean and this is very applicable after taking a bath.

3. Antibiotics (e.g. Fucidin and Oral Antibiotics)

Antibiotics are used to clear out the bacteria and germs living inside the Eczema or throughout the skin.

It prevents our skin from infection and it gives way to the moisturizers that we’ll put on.

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 4. Barrier Repair Emulsion (e.g. EpiCeram)

This is very safe for all ages.

It’s better for you to consult your doctor for the instructions and tips you can absorb upon using this kind of cream or any other creams above.

Bathing and Moisturizing

Some people say that people with Eczema shouldn’t bathe every day, WRONG.

They should bathe several times a day to bring water inside your skin and prevent flare-ups but you should be careful on the soaps and shampoos you are using.

Choosing the Products

Upon choosing the products that you will use on your skin, just use gentle soaps and skin cleansers so that you will not trigger some Eczema flare-up and return to the itch and scratch cycle.

Also, always remember to moisturize your skin very well to make sure that it will not dry out pretty fast.

There is a group in Canada called Eczema Society of Canada which checks the products if it can really cure Eczema or what so we should better consult to them if we have new products to use.

The Video below will give you a thorough information on What is Eczema, Its Causes and the things you can do to stop it. Please watch.

Video Credit to New Treatment Options

Eczema management’s number one aim is to make the patients understand Eczema very well and on how people can delete it out of their body. We should take care of our skin the way we take care of our teeth.

We should always moisturize the skin to regenerate lost moisture and to build-up protection from Eczema flare-ups or any other skin condition.

Tips for Living with Eczema (conclusion)

Before the video ends, they gave us few tips on how we can live with Eczema joyfully:

  • Moisturize the skin daily for maximum dryness prevention
  • There is no quick fix in Eczema so we should bathe daily and put treatments with patients
  • We should avoid over sweating so you should buy humidifier or air conditioner
  • During minor flare-up, apply some ice.