10 Of The Best Eczema Oils To Treat or Cure Eczema in Men and Women

Atopic Dermatitis or more commonly known as Eczema is a type of skin condition causing rashes, inflammation, and itchiness. It usually manifest from an early age, even as young as infancy and could be triggered by a lot of factors, such as weather, food, scents, soaps, stress etc.Atopic Dermatitis Eczema

There is no known cause for this treatment yet but studies showed that is common for those with weak immune system.

When a person has Eczema, the skin tends to be dry and flaky as it is not able to receive the necessary amount of fat and oil in the body, as other people and has low chance of retaining moisture. Also, the skin’s protective barrier is not as strong creating gaps between cells due to lack of water.

This allows all sorts of bacteria and virus to enter the skin, which triggers the onset of Eczema. There is no permanent cure for it still but, there are various way on how to counter or treat the effects of Eczema, one of which is using oil.


As earlier mentioned, people with Eczema do not have enough fat and oil in their system, and hence, they need to get more. By using oil in the skin, the skin’s barrier is restored and strengthened to protect against irritants and thereby preventing its development. Still, with all the different kinds oil in the market, you need to know which one works best with your skin condition.

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Here’s a rundown of the different types of oil usually used against eczema:Coconut oil for Eczema

  1. Almond Oil– This is widely available in the market and is considered a great emollient to nourish dry skin and relieve itching caused by Eczema.
  2. Hemp seed oil– This is considered to be very reach in fatty acids and help relieve symptoms from Eczema.
  3. Borage Oil– It is a non-irritating oil that is beneficial to dry and sensitive skin, where the oil is extracted from the thousands of little black seed from the produce.
  4. Chamomile Oil– Clinical trials from across the globe has proven its success in reducing cases of atopic dermatitis or Eczema.
  5. Coconut Oil– For hundreds of years, this is easily absorbed by the skin for nourishment and can even be taken internally.
  6. Apricot Kernel Oil– This has a softening effect that is also easily absorbed by the skin and is relevantly more cheaper compared to other oils.
  7. Evening Primrose Oil– This oil is rich in fatty acids which helps repair and maintain skin tissue and is widely used in the cosmetic world as it is good for dry skin.
  8. Cumin Oil– Although it is most commonly used in cooking, it is also famous for its cosmetic properties that helps to counter skin irritation, Eczema and other skin type diseases.
  9. Rosehip Oil– This is a fantastic natural source of retinoic acids which helps counter Eczema effect, burns and even scarring.
  10. Sesame Oil– This fragrant oil is also used for dry skin and contain skin-softening properties.


Borage Oil for EczemaWith all these types of oil used to help reduce the symptoms of Eczema and prevent its further occurrence, it’s time to find out how to narrow it down and choose which one would work best with your skin type and condition.

So how do we choose?

  1. Price- First off, as a consumer, our choice tends to be driven largely by cost, but we need to know whether we got the most of what we are paying for. Since a good essential oil is harvested from plant, it often doesn’t come very cheap but remember that a good essential oil is very concentrated and requires minimum application so it is really an investment in the long run.
  1. Authenticity- In order to find out whether you are getting the real thing, put in mind that each essential oil is identified by its scientific or botanical name, or should it be appropriate, chemotype or the chemical profile based on where it is grown. Do not forget as well to check its expiration date.
  1. Organic, unsprayed or wildcrafted- As people with Eczema tend to have sensitive skin, it is best to go for organic products as those with chemical might irritate the skin and worsen the condition than help alleviate symptoms.
  1. Other Benefits- Each oil comes with a different effect such as calming your nerves, promoting better sleep, relaxing your skin tissues etc. so choose on which you find most sootheing depending on your current condition.

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inhillation eczemaThere are three basic ways in using essential oil, which are, inhalation, skin application and internal consumption. So how do we do each one?

  1. Inhalation- You can either diffuse the oil so you can breathe it in. You can also pour it into a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel, and breathe it in deeply and slowly. The simplest way, is directly inhaling it, or rather just smell it.
  1. Internal Consumption- Drop it directly on the tongue and swallow, but make sure to follow the application guideline included in the packaging. You can test it first by putting a single drop in a spoon and tasting it as some oil tends to be quite strong.
  1. Skin Application- Simply place two to three drops of essential oil in your palm and then rub them together. Afterwards, massage the affected skin with your palm, in a circular motion. You may repeat the application as desired.


Although essential oils have strong and powerful therapeutic properties, it doesn’t mean that it comes risk-free. It can still cause you harm if you are not well-aware of its possible effects and how to make sure it doesn’t happen.

eczema Illness Here are some guidelines as per each projected side effect to keep in mind.

  1. Skin discoloration and sunburn- Some oils can burn you in the sunlight so it is best to choose those with photosensitizing oil before you head outside to the beach or a sunny place. Some of the oils to use under the sun are bergamot, lemon, lime or cumin oil.
  1. Danger to Baby and Pregnant Woman- Diluted oils are bad for pregnant women and babies and can cause further harm than damage, so its best to get a prescription rather than trying to undilute an essential oil. Lavender and rosemary are a major NO for babies under one age and women carrying a child.
  1. Illness or Death- Some essential oils are not meant for internal consumption as they may also contain chemicals which can poison the body. When swallowed, it can be very fatal. Hence, it must be kept out of reach of children and used only as per prescribed by a medical professional.
  1. Skin Irritation or Itchiness- It is best to determine whether you have any allergy with a certain type of essential oil by testing it first by doing a small spot test on your skin than suffer having further skin damage than actually treating your Eczema.

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With the variety of Eczema oil available in the market, we can get confused on what to choose, even with the reminders from above. So, to help make things easier for you, we’ve listed down the best oil Eczema products that will surely help you have a soft, smooth and Eczema free skin.

Coconut Baby by Coconut Essentials1. Coconut Baby by Coconut Essentials

Price: $22.00

Rating: 4.4/5

It’s 100% organic and is safe for both babies and mommies out there. It helps soothe dry skin and relieving Eczema itchiness and redness, that is perfect for babies’ cradle cap. It can be applied before or after bath. As it name suggests, its main ingredient is coconut oil.

LT Organics Whipped Argan Oil Price: $29.99 2. LT Organics Whipped Argan Oil

Price: $29.99

Rating: 4.5/5

This cream prevents future damage while repairing the skin and preventing it from dryness and cracking containing only pure ingredients that provides long lasting relief from eczema.


VoilaVe Organics, Organic Rosehip Oil3. VoilaVe Organics, Organic Rosehip Oil

Price: $13.29

Rating: 4.5/5

It’s USDA approved and uses only one ingredient rosehip, that is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which the body needs for nourishment.


Plant Therapy Soothe Synergy Blend4. Plant Therapy Soothe Synergy Blend

Price: $12.95

Rating: 4.7/5

Containing only pure essential oil ingredients, lavender, bergamot, geranium and roman chamomile this instantly relief people of Eczema symptoms, headache, and other dermatitis problem.



Inn&Co Tamanu Oil5. Inn&Co Tamanu Oil

Price: $14.95

Rating: 4.4/5

The 100% certified tamanu oil is wild harvested, cold-pressed, unrefined and undiluted to achieve maximum quality. It possesses healing ability to promote skin tissue formation that accelerates the growth of healthy skin.



Inn&Co Organic Tamanu Oil6. Inn&Co Organic Tamanu Oil

Price: $9.99

Rating: 4.5/5

A slightly smaller version containing wild harvested tamanu plants from south pacific island of Vanuatu that helps treat flaky and dry skin caused by Eczema. It also help reduce redness, itchiness and skin inflammation.

Teddie Organic Rosehip Oil7. Teddie Organic Rosehip Oil

Price: $21.47

Rating: 4.8/5

This wonder oil is a great skin moisturizer that combats eczema and reducing skin redness using amber rosehip oil that has been used for centuries by Mapuche Indians to protect their skin.



Leia Naturals Tamanu Oil8. Leia Naturals Tamanu Oil

Price: $15.95

Rating: 4.5/5

USDA and ECOCERT certified organic and in the purest and highest quality of tamanu oil that provides fast result and even positive skin tissue treatment when used regularly against eczema.



Pur365 Tamanu Oil9. Pur365 Tamanu Oil

Price: $14.97

Rating: 4.5/5

It is very ideal for getting rid of itchiness and redness. Using Tamanu Oil from Vietnam that is also USDA approved, this chemical free product battles symptoms of eczema while turning your skin youthful, vibrant and glowing.


Pur365 Manuka Oil10. Pur365 Manuka Oil

Price: $19.97

Rating: 4.3/5

This product is renowned for treating eczema using manuka oil harvested from New Zealand where it is more potent. It is considered to be 33x better than using tea tree oil for treatment.


Now that you have these lot to choose from, you can take a sigh of relief as these were certified by users across the globe and is readily available in the market. Prior to using these products or any other for that matter, make sure that you have consulted your dermatologist for your skin needs.

Also, be wary of your allergies, so always check the label for ingredients and used only as prescribed on the application chart. All the items mentioned above can be purchased thru Amazon website.