7 Common Types of Eczema You May Not Be Aware Of

Eczematous Dermatitis or what we call Eczema is a skin disease which starts from itchiness and ends up with red inflamed skin oozing with blood filled with bacteria. In this article, we’ll discuss all the common types attached with the skin disease – Eczema.

eczema-typesEczematous Dermatitis doesn’t just stick with the stereotype itchy and flaky but it has variety that we should know so the cure that we’ll apply will be a perfect fit for faster healing process of the eczema. Everybody should be cautious about how we treat the eczema because there are certain cures for certain types.

Applying creams and ointments to the type of Eczema that doesn’t have the same page will actually worsen Eczema and your skin will be uglier than ever because of the redness and flakiness of it.

Knowing these types of Eczema , you will learn the allergens or what we call irritants of the skin that leads to Eczema. Upon learning these types of eczema lead to knowing what things or allergens to prevent and what to ignore so that we can prevent the Eczema from popping out of our body.

So read and absorb the types to be discussed below so you can know what type of eczema are you under right now.


Before knowing and learning the types of Eczema, let us take a detour on what are the common causes that triggers Eczema to suddenly just pop out of our skin and irritate us the whole time. There are plenty of eczema-causing things but we’ll just talk about some: soap and detergent, dry and cracked skin, stress and so much production of oil.

These causes irritates the skin leading to Eczema so you better know what causes can trigger your irritation and itching. Knowing these causes can give you some ideas on how you can prevent eczema from irritating you through giving you itchy, red and flaky skin.

Soap and detergents are the two of the most irritating objects on our homes; whenever you wash with them, when your skin is not comfortable with them, you will surely feel itch and irritation on your hands and arm. The second most irritating object that leads to Eczema is the natural dry and cracked skin; this is for the people who have in-born dry skin.

So when you have dry skin, you better put some lotion to moisturize your skin every single day preventing Eczema from attacking you.

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1.Seborrheic Dermatitis

seborrheic-dermatitisThis common type of Eczema is so much different than the other types because Seborrheic Dermatitis doesn’t start from itching or whatsoever, it just make patches and patches of skin and turns red.

The main cause of this Eczema is excess oil produced by the pores on our skin irritating it and causing it to start patching up.

Also, Seborrheic Dermatitis is not usually red but is yellow, white-ish color of scaly patches building up on the oil parts of our body. Other people call this Eczema “cradle cap” because it looks like dandruff but in the scalp.

The common places where Seborrheic Dermatitis occurs are on the scalp (especially the side), nose, eyelids, eyebrows, in the middle of the chest and at the back of the ears. Not just oil but cradle cap is also a major effect of stress so we should better relax ourselves every single day so that we won’t have this kind of Eczema.

2.Atopic Dermatitis

atopic-dermatitisUnlike the first type which is the Seborrheic Dermatitis, Atopic Dermatitis is the itchiest type of eczema. This the most typical Eczema that people is having nowadays.

The typical itch and scratch routine will be experienced when you have Atopic Dermatitis; you will be agitated because of the irritating feels of this type of Eczema. Atopic Dermatitis usually occurs at the elbows, back of the knees and different parts of the face.

So upon having this kind of Eczema, we should be the patient to not to scratch it hard or scratch it at all because we want to cure it and heal it, not to worsen it right? This Eczema is the reddest type because it itches so hard, and it will surely patch skins and grow another one.

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3. Neurodermatitis (Lichensimplex Chronicus)

neurodermatitisThis type of Eczema is also part of the itch and scratch routine which means that it is also super itchy so we should better be patient about this one. Neurodermatitis or Lichensimplex Chronicus is most typical on women aging 20 up to 50 where stress occurs on many things.

This type of Eczema starts with an insect bite or sting (for bees) and it will really feel itchy. After that, we scratch, scratch and scratch the part where the insect had bit causing it to worsen instead of relieving the itchiness.

Always remember that when you are bitten by an insect, don’t scratch it and just endure the itchiness because scratching it can turn a simple bite into the worst Eczema; chemicals will be released in the itchy part and make it itchier so that people will be scratching and scratching without noticing that it gets worse.

4. Contact Dermatitis

contact-dermatitisThis type of Eczema starts with an allergen triggering an allergic reaction on our body through contacting. Contact Dermatitis is an Eczema that is caused by us touching things that can trigger our skin allergies making our skin itchy leading to major disasters like eczema.

Common types of allergens or irritants are fabric, smoke, furry animals, soaps, detergents and other chemicals we use every single day. When you have an allergy and you’ve touched these irritants, you will surely itch and feel agitated by it.

And after that, you will undergo the itch and scratch routine that can worsen the itchy part and turn it into a skin disease like eczema. So we better learn first the allergens that can trigger our irritations/allergies so we can prevent ourselves from making contact with those things.

5. Nummular Dermatitis (Discoid)

nummular-dermatitisNummular Dermatitis or also called Discoid by other people is not the most common type of eczema because its targets or victims are the elderlies of men. Aging men experience this type of skin disease on their legs and any part of their body.

This type of Eczema is not itchy at all, but doesn’t mean you will not feel any irritation from this one. When you have this Eczema, you will see circle patches on your skin sized like a coin, super dry skin that looks like leather and super irritated skin that feels unwell all the time.

Nummular Dermatitis is not hereditary which means that it cannot be inherited by your family members but you should assure that everybody should see a doctor so that you can check if there are family members that also have this type of skin disease called eczema.

6. Dyshidrotic Dermatitis (Pompholyx)

dyshidrotic-dermatitisThis is mostly found in the hands and feet of the ladies out there. Dyshidrotic Dermatitis is an Eczema targeting the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet causing it to itch very badly.

When you have this type of skin disease, you will experience irritation even in between your fingers. Unlike any type that only have patches of skin, Dyshidrotic Dermatitis looks like deep and crystal clear blisters in the part where it occurs.

Your skin will be surely be irritated by this type of Eczema. Usually, Dyshidrotic Dermatitis is very popular when it is summer time or the time where the weather is warm and hot. The soles of our feet and the palms of our hands will moist and starting from there, you will feel irritation leading to major disasters.

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7. Stasis Dermatitis (Varicose Eczema)

stasis-dermatitisThis type of Eczema usually occurs on the legs of the person. People having the age of 50 years old and above usually have Stasis Dermatitis (Varicose Eczema) in them.

You can compare this to the enlargement of Varicose Veins in women because this eczema also occurs at the back of the legs. The color of this skin disease is brown and reddish patches that burn hard on the feels. The itchiness will also be experienced when you have Stasis Dermatitis (Varicose Eczema) popping out of your legs.

Aged men and women are the main targets of this eczema so no matter how old you are; you should get cleaned day after day to prevent skin diseases from attacking your precious skin.

 Please watch this Video to help you better understand the Typed of Eczema and the Treatments available for each.

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After learning, knowing and absorbing all the details of each type of Eczema, you should now know that eczema is not just one but plenty of them. Upon learning all of these, you are now informed about the things that can trigger each type of Eczema.

On having this type of skin disease, it is very essential to go to your trusted doctor or dermatologist for he or she can check your case and confirm what type of Eczema you have on your skin. They will surely give you the right and accurate medicine that will heal your skin and make it Eczema-free.

So upon learning these types of Eczema, you should be wary about what can trigger each one of them so be cautious and learn a healthy life.