12 Eczema Symptoms You must not Ignore

Having Eczema is a big burden for the people who have it. Those itchy rashes and the ugly-looking form of patches of skin piling up and forming leathery things. For today, we will discuss what the symptoms of Eczema are so that we can have the warning we need to totally prevent it.

eczema-imageEczema (eczematous dermatitis) is a skin disease that most people hate to have because first of all, it will irritate them to the fullest because they will feel the itch and glitch in their body throughout the day. Also, they will feel the pain that they will gain with this skin disease because of the wide cracks opening up on the infected part of their skin.


There are plenty of ways to avoid Eczema and the number one on the list is to avoid scratching your skin; overdoing this routine will peel your skin down leading to hurting your epidermis and opening up your skin to germs and bacteria. And when you feel some abnormal itch or some of the symptoms below in your skin, you should definitely go to your doctor immediately so that you can confirm if the things that you’re feeling right now is Eczema or other skin disease or allergies.

Doing such will help you fully prevent Eczema because your dermatologist will give you treatments like creams and ointments to completely stop Eczema from overcoming your skin. And when you feel some abnormal itch or some of the symptoms below in your skin, you should definitely go to your doctor immediately so that you can confirm if the things that you’re feeling right now is Eczema or other skin disease or allergies.

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itchy-armsThe number one symptom to figure out if you have Eczema is when you feel itchy all the time leading to rashes on a certain part of your skin. When you feel agitated because of the itchiness you are feeling right now, you should better be gentle on touching that certain part of your body because it can worsen the skin disease or Eczema that you will experience.

Germs and microbial build up that’s why you feel it and you will such thing if your bloodline has this kind of skin disease.


thick skinAside itching, you will also notice that your skin becomes thick and leathery-looking. These patches of skin maybe thick but they are so sensitive so if you have found this symptom in your body, you should better prevent yourself from scratching it or even removing it because it can worsen the Eczema that is coming your way.

It is best to leave it alone and just go to your doctor for a check-up. The patches of skin piling up are caused by the scratch routine that you are doing.


deep blistersYou may also see blisters piling up over the thick and leathery-looking skin of yours. These blisters will look like yellowish or brownish color that will hurt so badly or itch so bad when you touch them.

So when you saw these blisters piling up on a certain part of your skin, do not be curious and touch it with your bacteria-filled hands. You should definitely meet with your trusted dermatologist so he/she can check your case and the cures for it and how you can prevent skin diseases like that on the near future.


red-bumpsAside from the red rashes that you will experience every now and then, red and itchy bumps will also come out of the infected part. These red bumps will itch intensely causing you to stress that much on them.

But this I tell you, the number one thing that you should do is to keep yourself calm and relax. Don’t ever, as in ever scratch the infected part because your nails are filled with germs and those germs will trigger more red bumps on popping out and hurting your skin so hard.


These coin-sized circles are one of the symptoms of Nummular Eczema which have itchy red circles popping out of your skin. When you have this symptom in your skin, you should definitely go to your dermatologist and let her confirm that it is a Nummular Eczema so that you can discuss the things and stuff on how the healing process of your Eczema will be started or engaged.

This Eczema is also infused with fungi that build up joining the itchiness of the Eczema itself.

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painful-crackThis will happen after the build-up of thick and leathery skin. When the said symptom is not prevented or cured immediately, the person will experience cracks or openings in their skin giving them sever pain that will cause them tears.

These cracks will be so painful when touched so better leave it open and do not make it contact other things or else it will be more painful and it will open and crack wider leading to a more severe Eczema that will occur on your skin.


red-eyelidsThis is the symptom for the Eczema occurring in your eyelids or even behind your ears. Red and puffy eyelids sometimes are only caused by lack of sleep, stress or whatsoever but when it is so itchy (the eyelids and inside the eyes itself), you should not scratch it because it can be puffier and can lead to major destruction on your eyelid area.

You should always wash your face at least once a day so that the excess oil will not irritate your eyelid causing them to turn red and puffy.


Aside from having red and itchy bumps on your skin, you will also see clear fluid-filled bumps popping out of the infected skin. These bumps have water inside them that when it’s popped through scratching unintentionally, it will spread out and wet the whole infected area spreading more bacteria throughout the Eczema.

So be careful when you are having this little by little because it can make your Eczema worse than ever. Reach out to your doctor when you found out that you are having this symptom of Eczema on your body.


dry-skinAlthough most Eczema has thick and leathery skin, there are also eczemas that have the symptom of dry and thin skin. When you look at it, it looks so bad and it feels like when you touch it, it feels like it will be removed out of your body then disappears.

Having this kind of symptom, you should be a little bit more cautious about how you move because it can crack open wide and I tell you, it’s very painful to have such thing.

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skins-flaringWith all the things popping out of your body, your skin will also flare-up and you will feel irritation that will lead to more itch and scratch routine. You will feel the hotness on your skin because of the irritants that occurs in the pores up to the epidermis.

Aside from itching, you will feel enormous raise of temperature on that certain part of your skin and it will burn a little when you touch it often. So you should not expose it to sun rays because it can add up to the high temperature you are experiencing.


Just like what you can see on the eyelids, rashes-behind-earsthere will be build-up of itchy rashes behind your ears that will definitely make it worse because of scratching. You will experience a lot of irritating itch behind your ears.

When you are currently having this type of symptoms on your ears, you should be careful of touching it. There will be bumps, rashes and other itchy symptoms behind your ears that will surely worsen if you touch the infected part regularly.


eczema-woundsWhen you are about to get Eczema building on your skin, you will experience severe wounds that doesn’t look like the normal ones. It will be beside the thick and leathery-looking dry skin and it can be caused by the crack and open skin.

This sever wound will be so itchy and a lot more painful because it is like the most obvious symptom of having an Eczema (the normal ones and not the nummular or the circle-coined. This will hurt a lot because it is open wide causing the blood to ooze out of it.

Video Credit to Fast Eczema Cure

The video above will explain how you could treat Eczema. It can be hard to tell for sure if you have eczema. You’ll want to see a dermatologist or other doctor  to find out.


After knowing and figuring things out the symptoms of Eczema , you should now know what to do when you feel these symptoms. It is very essential for us to know what we should do after experiencing these things on our body so we should be cautious about these so that we will know what we can do to completely protect ourselves from having skin disease like Eczema.

When you feel 2-3 symptoms or even just one abnormal one, you should go to your doctor immediately so that you can consult your condition and so that your doctor can give you the medications and treatments you need to prevent Eczema from spreading out on your body.