10 Eczema Causes You May Not Know

WHAT IS ECZEMA (Is it Contagious?)?

You may be asking why your skin is peeling, very itchy and very agitating. There are patches of dry skin looking so red and having blisters around it. Well, that’s what we call Eczema. This skin disease is one of the most irritating skin diseases you will ever have. eczema-itchyAll the time, you will just feel itchy and agitating; you can’t focus on your work or school because of this skin disease.

Eczema (Scientific Name: eczematous dermatitis) is inherited which means that it is not contagious; touching a person with Eczema will not cause you to have one too. When one of your family members like your grandfather or grandmother had this skin disease, you should be wary because you will surely have this kind of disease after some time but don’t you worry because there are things you can do to avoid this type of skin disease.


When you’re worried because you uncle or your aunt have Eczema, you should look first for symptoms before you cram to go check your doctor. There are plenty of symptoms to look for but there are common ones like dry and sensitive skin, too much itchiness, crusting and oozing of things out of the wounds/patches and patches of scaly skin that make you look like an alligator.

When you have felt this kind of symptoms, the first things that you should definitely do is to not cure it yourself but to go to a legit doctor/dermatologist that can help you heal Eczema through medications like ointments, creams and many more. When you have felt this kind of symptoms, the first things that you should definitely do is to not cure it yourself but to go to a legit doctor/dermatologist that can help you heal Eczema through medications like ointments, creams and many more.

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1. Soap and Laundry Detergent Irritation

soapThis is very applicable to those mothers that take care of their family; cooking for them, washing dishes for them and washing clothes for them. Everyone and not just mommies should be wary of the soap that they are using to cleanse and purify their body.

You soap should not consist harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin and make it itchy and worse – Eczema. You should pick a soap that is family friendly and is proven and tested by the FDA so you can assure the safety of your love ones.You can check the packaging of the soap and look for one that has an herbal touch.

You can check the packaging of the soap and look for one that has an herbal touch.

2. Dry and Cracked Skin

dry-skinHaving a dry and crack-looking skin is one of the causes of Eczema. This dryness can lead to itching that will push you to scratch that part and suddenly wound it hard. Dryness of the skin is an effect of washing your body or bathing 2-3 times a day. Using that harsh soap can make the natural oil of your skin not

Using that harsh soap can make the natural oil of your skin not supply leading to major dryness. Eczema is usually described as a red inflamed part of your body that is so itchy and agitating and dryness can lead to this type of skin disease when not prevented. You should always use moisturizing lotion to keep your skin supple and protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

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3. So Much Stress

stressToo much stress can make you not wary of your hygiene and lifestyle going in a bad path. Stress can make you angry and hot-headed leading you to scratch parts of your body especially when it’s itchy.

When stressed and at the same time, having an ongoing itchiness on your body can be dangerous; you can unknowingly scratch the itchy part so hard and make the Eczema worse leading to more agitation. To prevent this type of Eczema-causing-happenings, you should have some time every single day to relax.

Meditate, read a book, pray or even do yoga. Do things that can relax you so that you will not have force-scratched Eczema.

4. Sweaty Body

sweaty-bodyNot just dry skin can lead to a skin disease called Eczema, having a sweaty body can also lead to the said skin disease. Sweat, when not wiped by clean dry towel or washed immediately can irritate your skin especially the parts like between the fingers of our feet and hands, armpits and the private parts of our body.

This can make your skin itchy leading to massive scratching that will also lead to mild Eczema. To prevent this, you should always use soap that are not harsh on the skin and can fight body odor and sweaty pores. You should always take a bath but only once a day because over-bathing can lead to dryness.

5. Furry Pets

saliva-of-dogsIt’s so much fun to play with our pets because they are so cute and very playful but be careful upon playing with them. The saliva of dogs, cats and other pets can make Eczema pop out of our body.

When we have a super sensitive skin and our dog licked us, there is a large tendency that we will have Eczema because the germs and microbial from the saliva can go through our pores and trigger the itchy wounds on our body leading to Eczema. So to prevent cases like this one, after playing with our lovely and cute pets, we should wash our hands, feet and the parts of our body that have touched our pets.

6. Allergy on Foodallergy-on-food

Allergies don’t just attack externally but also internally. The number one thing that we should be worried about is the food that we eat.
We should be cautious about the food (even it’s a fruit, a vegetable or even a junk-food) that we take inside our body. Most popular allergens are eggs, peanuts, chocolates, citrus and more.

These allergies can affect our skin through popping of red parts that are so itchy, blood can ooze down out of it. We should consult a doctor and figure out our food allergies so that we will not experience any skin diseases in the future.

7. Diapers and Napkins for Women

sanitary-napkinsThe victims in this cause are the infants and ladies. Sanitary Napkins and Diapers can make a big effect on the persons who use these because there chemicals in these products that can irritate our legs, buttocks and other private parts.

When the irritation worsens, you will surely scratch that part because of the itchiness it brings. To prevent this one, we should choose the right brand to trust.

We should also consult specialists about this one so that the investment will not be a waste. Picking the right product for the ladies and babies out there can be a big help for them to prevent skin diseases like Eczema.

8. Droolings

droolingsThe targets here are the babies out there. As the elderlies of those cute little darlings, we should the one who are responsible to wipe out whenever they drool every single time.

We should be patients about it especially on the time their teeth are growing; they will sure bite and bite and their saliva will fall out. Drools can trigger skin diseases like Eczema because they will go into your pores and irritate each and every one it touches so you better wipe it out.

Just like what I’ve said, to prevent this to cause your baby Eczema , you should put a soft and gentle bib around his/her chest so that he/she will be nice and clean.

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9. Agitating/Irritating Clothes and Undergarments

irritating-clothesUpon choosing the right diapers for babies and sanitary napkin for ladies, we should be also cautious about the clothes we wear. We should be always wearing soft and cottony undergarments so that our private areas will not be irritated.

Also, when wearing shirts and pants, we should choose the stretchable so that it will not feel hard on our skin leading to skin irritation. When choosing the right clothing, we should be wary about the materials it contains so that we can assure the comfort we will feel after wearing those clothes.

You should feel the fabric first with your hands and face so that it will be a sure fit for your body.

10. Genetics/Inherited

geneticsThis is the most non-preventable cause of eczema – Genetics. You can’t escape Eczema when your genes have this kind of skin disease. You will have Eczema whether you like it or not but I’m not saying that you can cure it and lessen the effects of it.

To lessen the itchiness, wash the part with mild soap and clean water. But first and foremost, you should definitely consult your doctor first for first-aid treatment and some ointments and creams that can cure your itchy and agitating Eczema.

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Eczema is a very harsh skin disease, it can make your skin look awful and make you more stressed than ever. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t cure or lessen its itchiness and awfulness.

Through consulting to your doctor immediately after seeing the symptoms, you will sure find a way to work things out for the skin disease you are having. Your doctor will surely take good care of you by giving you creams and ointments that you can use to kill the germs and dirty things inside that itchy wounds healing it faster for a better skin.