10 Best Sources of Eczema Treatment Information

Our Skin is a very sensitive organ that requires a lot of care and attention. This is not only for the reason that we live in a society that puts so much emphasis on beauty but more importantly because our Skin is very sensitive as it is the most exposed part of our body. Just imagine its job of covering almost all your other parts and organs.

However, due to a lot of reasons, we still sometimes suffer from diseases that we wish never existed. We sometimes even wonder how in the world we came to contract such diseases when in fact we have done everything—or so we think to take care of our body. Then again, we go back to the fact that we live in a world where Allergens are everywhere. These Allergens, of course, are the major cause of Skin problems, particularly Eczema.

It is interesting to note that a lot of people think Eczema is contagious and that it is something that is uncontrollable and uncommon. However, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiologist, Eczema is a common disease affecting 10% to 20% of children and 1% to 3% of adults. He also added that about 60% percent of children get it before they reach the age of 1 and at least 80% of them will develop it before they even reach the age of 5.

Interestingly, many of the children affected by this disease will be able to outgrow it during childhood though it may flare up during puberty. With this being said, the commonness of Eczema means it can easily be addressed and that you can acquire a lot of information about it even on the internet so long as you visit sites that are reliable.

For that, here is a compilation of the 10 best Eczema treatment Websites that you should check if you want to know more about this disease or if you want to postpone seeing a doctor.

1. National Eczema.org

The website of the National Eczema Association or NEA is controlled and managed by NEA which was established in 1988. Being a nonprofit organization, it aims to improve the health and quality of life for individuals with Eczema through support, education, and rapport.

When you check out its website, it gives very important and substantial information about the recommended lifestyle of people living with Eczema and provides a list of products to use which bear the NEA seal of acceptance, among others.

2. WebMD

Web MD is a popular site that provides insights on queries about a wide range of health issues, including your Skin. In terms of Eczema, its landing page alone gives you links to more detailed information on the disease including its symptoms, causes, types, treatment, and home treatment.

Also, it has a chat box that allows you to chat with a doctor who will gladly answer your questions about your health concerns.

3. EczemaHelp.Ca

Eczema Help is a website controlled and managed by the Eczema Society of Canada that aims to help those suffering from Eczema by providing valuable information like its different types and treatments.

It also has a ‘Get Support’ button where in you can find a doctor who will help you with your concern or email a volunteer if you prefer. Most importantly, it also has a list of accepted and recommended skin care products that you can use for your Eczema.

4. HealthLine.com

Upon opening this website, you will immediately see a pop up that asks if you would like more personal health information delivered to your inbox.

But more than that, it has quite a number of buttons that delve into more specific information on the subject of Eczema like pictures, causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and more.

It is also interesting to check this website as it does not only just talk about general information on Eczema but on more particular types of the disease.

5. Eczema.Org

www.eczema.org is yet another website that has made it to our top 10 list which is controlled and managed by the National Eczema Society. Upon landing on their page, you will immediately see important information regarding the organization which is a registered charity in Wales, England, and Scotland.

On the left panel of its website, you can see very relevant information on the types of Eczema, its treatments, factsheets, an app that helps children manage Eczema, as well as some ways of handling Eczema at school.

6. MedlinePlus.Gov

This website is owned and managed by MedlinePlus of the National Institutes of Health to help patients, their families, and friends. There is a wealth of information on various diseases and health issues; thanks to the National Library of Medicine which is the world’s largest library on medicine.

As it also deals with Eczema, the website gives you information about the latest treatments, drug administration, terminologies and their meanings, and more.

On its page regarding Eczema, find valuable information on treatments, causes, symptoms, prevention and risk factors, as well as therapies.

7. Allergy.Org.AU

If you want to get reliable information about Eczema and other Allergies, then this website is worth a visit.

The website is run by the Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Limited which is the peak professional body of allergy and clinical immunology in Australia and New Zealand which was established in 1990. It does not only talk about Eczema but also about a whole lot more of other skin disorders and Allergies.

On the landing page of the website, you can see the button on the upper right side that lets you find a specialist to whom you can ask your questions or seek for medical advice. You also have the option to subscribe to their newsletter so that you can have regular updates about research on the field.

8. BabyCenter.UK

Baby Centre is a popular website and it has already been online for several years now, helping not only babies and children but moms as well from pregnancy to giving birth and even to raising kids. It covers a wide variety of topics on anything and everything about child health including, of course, the issue of Eczema.

It does not only give relevant information on this disease and others but also has forums where parents and medical professionals talk about certain topics that are definitely a great help even to the most experienced parents.

More interestingly, on the top part of the website is a timeline that has substantial information about baby’s growth and development from the time they are conceived and throughout pregnancy until they are born, grow as infants, and then reach the toddler age.

9. KidsHealth.Org

Another amazing website on Eczema is KidsHealth.org. Like most other websites, it talks about a variety of health issues among children most especially.

However, it is also helpful for parents and even teens that are experiencing skin problems. Interestingly, there is an audio on the landing page if you do not find reading the text fun. All you have to do is click the play button and a male voice will read to you the content of the page.

Another plus of this website is that it aims to make you understand the subject of Eczema by putting up a graphic slide show complete with all the illustrations. With this, not only will you understand the symptoms and cure but also the root cause of the problem.

10. Dermatology.Ca

Finally, landing at no. 10 is Dermatology.ca by the Canadian Dermatology Association. The website is available both in English and French and aims to educate parents and children about Eczema, including its causes, symptoms, treatments, and healthy habits.

Since the website specializes in dermatology, its information also includes those about the Skin, Hair, and Nails. If you click the Programs and Resources button, you will be directed to some information about the organization’s mandate, materials for their content, as well as the awards it has received in the field of dermatology.


So, if you have problems with your skin and other related disorders, these websites are surely a great help. This is especially helpful in times when seeing a doctor right away is not possible or may be difficult at the moment. After all, these are not just ordinary websites run by ordinary people but by medical professionals from recognized medical organizations.

However, you should not solely rely on your own research and findings since seeing a professional soon is still the best thing to do. You can never be too complacent when it comes to your children’s health. And since Eczema cannot be cured and may be genetically related, you need to know the best treatments in order to put it at bay and keep your little one comfortable and itch-free.

Remember that Eczema can worsen very quickly if left untreated or if aggravated by the consumption of its triggering factors or exposure to Allergens.

Again, if immediate information on Eczema is what you need, check out these 10 websites and be enlightened with the right answers and solutions.